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Add value to construction.
Add technology to the future.

EXT, South Korea, specialists in Geotechnical Engineering, Design and Foundation Engineering has signed an MOU with CECONS for exchange of technologies. The modern techniques from Korea will be adapted and executed in the ground improvement projects of CECONS soon.

EXT develop construction method related to ground and make construction and consulting business model.

Starting with the initial EXT Pile (expansion type reinforced plate), SAP method has developed to diversify the business centering on remodeling underground shrinking.

A technique called Point Foundation (PF) has developed and commercialized that can be secured.

Maintenance / reinforcement projects by developing environmentally friendly materials are also carrying out.


Improve the average strength of the soft ground by improving the ground surface. The PF method is applied to soft soil which has risks of settlement & liquefaction. A specially designed stirring rod is used for it utilizing eco friendly soil cement binders.


SAP process is used in conditions like renovation of existing building, boring where space is a major constrain etc. Maximum piling speed is 200m/day with 3m units. Vertical up/down and Horizontal expansions are made easy and convenient.

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