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Initiating Geo Technical activity in 1979, Cecons was one of the pioneers to initiate piling activity in Kerala. We have developed competence in all areas connected with foundation Engineering like soil investigations on land and sea, soil stabilization by various methods including sand piling and stone columns, under reamed piling, DMC piling, pile raft system, foundation for large oil tanks on soft soil etc. We have over 25 years of experience in providing deep foundation services like under reamed piling & DMC piling. We are one of the very few companies in Kerala with geo- technical and quality control Laboratories.

Our diverse range of piling services include drilled and driven piles, concrete piles, earth retention and ground improvement systems. We offer a comprehensive and integrated approach to our construction projects with this wide range of services. Each project is supported by our team of professionals and experienced piling crews who ensure it is carried out safely, to a defined standard and is within budget.


Leveraging on years of experience in building construction, Cecons has initiated building super structures customised to meet every need or unique requirements of our customers. We have delivered full design and build structures over a number of sectors including residential, commercial, and frame structures for warehouses etc. With our in depth knowledge in structural concrete construction, steel reinforced concrete, and other aspects of the business, we bring a level of quality to every project that is unmatched in the industry.

Cecons has already completed and handed over a number of multi-purpose buildings at Ernakulam. We undertake major superstructure works and utilise only the best materials as we do not want to compromise on quality. At present we are doing three major building projects (Tower Structure work of National Shrine Basilica, Edge water Apartment and Tropicana cold storage) in and around Cochin.


The Cecons Consultancy division provides cutting edge services in recommendation of suitable foundations, based on soil investigation works, to provide optimum solutions for the design of Steel, R.C.C & P.S.E structures. Integrating technology driven solutions into structural designs we strive to establish innovative and unique buildings. Cost efficient structural concepts are made possible by the aid of state of the art computer analysis, design and detailing.

Our core competence is in ensuring the quality of analysis, design & drawing at every phase of the project within the time frame given by our clients. With in-house developed Quality management system in place we focus on project management activities and projects on a turnkey basis. Our services cover design, preparation of structural drawings and occasional supervision of site.


Cecons undertakes both geotechnical and environmental site-specific investigations using a wide range of specialist techniques and equipment for Structural Engineers, Architects, Building Developers, Consulting Engineers, Piling Contractors, Housing Associations and private individuals. In our state of the art lab we undertake testing of soil and provide accurate results. Our laboratory is equipped with facilities to carry out many types of tests on soils like testing for a large range of sample sizes for compressibility, shear strength and drainage properties.
Our soil investigation services include boring and drilling works, conducting plate load tests, electrical resistivity tests, vane shear tests, C.B.R tests, in-situ density tests etc. Extensive vertical operations are carried out both on-shore and offshore, with rotary calyx rig drilling machines in all kinds of soil and rock. Vertical, uplift, lateral and compressive Pile load tests are also done.
Cecons has to its credit a good track record of major projects like LNG terminal Cochin, Vallarpadam terminal, ICTT road connectivity etc .


CECON has one of the largest and well-equipped laboratories for testing the physical and chemical properties of soil and water samples. At our laboratory facilities we analyse soil samples from your onshore and offshore projects. Our laboratory has high-volume capacity and automated, around-the-clock capability to promote the speedy turnaround of test data.

Laboratory Testing and Analysis include:

  • Physical tests - Direct shear, Unconfined Compression Test, Consolidation, Triaxial Shear, California Bearing Ratio, Compaction, Sieve Analysis, Hydrometer Analysis, Atterberg Limits, Shrinkage Limits, Differential Free Swell Index, Swelling Pressure, Swelling Potential, Permeability, etc .
  • We also have equipment for extensive tests on rock and non-destructive testing.
  • Chemical tests- Anions, Cations, Ph, presence and organic matter, total dissolved solids and all tests for potability of water.
  • Material tests- Strength of Concrete, Steel, Aggregates, Brick etc.

Our fully equipped laboratory with standard equipment facilitates the best test results. The quality supervision and multi levels of checking ensure correct reporting. We do a majority of testing in the local circle.

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